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Michael Eriskat

Consultant Artistique
Tout devrait être aussi simple et beau qu'un mouvement de baguette

Michael Eriskat was brought up un Munich and started as an orchestra touring manager with CAMI in Lucerne. Subsequently artistic advisor to the Strasbourg Philharmonic and the Orchestra National de Lyon, he's founded his agency in Paris in 2008 and has still been coaching conductors and been in close collaboration with Palazzetto Bru Zane, La Chambre Philharmonic or Kajimoto.


David Reiland

internationally renowned for Mozart and French Romantic Repertoire, he is musical director of the Orchestre national de Metz and the Sinfonietta Lausanne since 2018. In Düsseldorf he’s awarded the title of “Schumann Gast” in may 2019

Paul Meyer

Conductor & Clarinet
Premiered more than 20 concertos written for him, amongst which by Berio, Penderecki or Jarrell, he is Musical Director of the Mannheim Chamber Orchestra, formerly of the Kosei Philharmonic Tokyo, and for sure one of the finest clarinet players around


Singular career having achieved to conduct the entire Wagner before his 4th birthday, after Bayreuth or Semperoper, he’s now off for Mozart at Covent Garden and Glyndourne

Christian Arming

youngest chief conductor ever with the Janacek Philharmonic and discovered just as young by Seiji Ozawa, Arming became musical director of the New Japan Philharmonic before getting the lead of the Lucerne Opera, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège and since 2018 Principal Chief Conductor of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra

Anne Schwanewilms

Richard Strauss probably would have composed all his songs for this voice and Anne Schwanewilms is today one of the finest singers to present Vier Letzte Lieder or any orchestral songs…

Ivo Pogorelich

a living legend, Le Monde qualifies him as “a necessary artist” who’s life performances never leave you cold or untouched…

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